Forum Announcement: Vendors Must Abide By
These rules are set out for Vendors to follow and adhere to. Also, these rules will be updated from time to time.


1.      All vendors will post in the Following Forum to introduce yourself and your company. This may be short but would like you to give a full explanation as to what you can offer members of this forum.


2.       All vendors will post in their respected forums unless they are willing to help other members. These are 1. Vendors Themselves 2. For battery Vendors 3. For mod makers and finally 4. For insurance

2.A.    Vendors must not barge you with postings about their products in other forums apart from the linked ones above. 

2.B.    Vendors must not post beyond their means, in the respected forums. Meaning that vendors must perhaps use One Thread instead of multiples from the links above.

2.C.    Vendors are a separate form of this forum. We are not getting paid by them nor are we affiliates from vendors.

How to become a Vendor.

20.     After you have become a member and have joined and been accepted via email or the activate me forum, and has posted in the first Instance saloon up until your post limit has reached a certain level. Then you may post in the Following Forum. After which Moderators and Admin may speak to you.

20.A.   You must state what business you run and what group you would like to be in. Although you can only go into the one group.

20.B.    These are the groups available.  A Vendor, Battery, Designer, Policy.