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Forum Announcement: What you need to do
Since you have come here, I will now state what is needed to publish a Sale, in the Trading on Site forum.

Firstly, you need to get 100 posts to publish a sale here, those that are spamming other forums just to get to this post will have their post taken down and you may end up getting a ban or unable to post.

Secondly, All members can post replies to threads already created.

Now this is what is need to publish an article.

1 You must state what you are doing in the first sentence of your post and include any prefix of what you are doing. Whether it be to sell, trade, want.

2 You must include the retail value of the product and whatever you want to get in the second sentence.

3 You must include photos of the item to be sold or traded.

4 You and responders must include any pm done, by simply saying private message (pm) sent.

5 If the item is on hold and final payment is pending please change your prefix to on hold.

6 Once the payment or trade has been made please change the prefix to completed.

These rules may be updated from time to time.

This is the final draft.