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Full Version: Behaviours & Languages
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As with many forums, they have rules that must be obeyed. And this forum is no exception.

For Languages

The main language that this board uses is English, and this is the default. If you say something in another language, you must state what has been said. But this must be to the minimum of one sentence. If you carry on speaking in another language then you may be banned. As this will be seen as spam.

For Behaviours

Everyone is seen as a friendly entity and you should also be friendly, the meaning of friendly has many shades of conversation. And one that must not do either of the following.
  • You must not name-call.
  • You must refrain from using curse words.
  • You must accept somebody's creed, colour, sexual orientation, background, and Equal Opportunity.

These are some of the main aspects of being friendly to another