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  • This site uses Paid Subscriptions

    If you are wanting to be a Member of this fine site, then you must pay to use it. As when the time comes, we will be moving to dedicated servers.

    The paid plans are easy to set up and uses PayPal to pay for the duration of your contract with us.

    The Normal user allows you to post in many forums with no restriction and costs 1¢ per day for every 28 days. So 13 payments will be made within the year. So a total of 0.28¢ will be taken out every 28 days.

    The Vendor whose primary goal is to sell Devices will pay $5 every 28 days or $25 for the year. And $100 for every 10 Years.

    The Designer Mods pays about the same as above but pay $50 every 10 years.

    The E-Juice Seller pays the same as above.

    The Battery Seller pays about the same but with a discount to make $30 every 10 years.

    This can be done via the registration or Via Settings in your User Control Panel

    These will be looked at on occasion to see if we can best meet the needs of our members.
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