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  The Official Snus Discussion Thread
Posted by: P2PLeon - 18-10-2020, 03:27 PM - Forum: Alternatives - No Replies

This will be the Official Snus Discussion Thread, for news and inspiration on Getting your first or last supply of Snus.


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  Euro Vape Survey
Posted by: P2PLeon - 14-10-2020, 12:57 PM - Forum: News Updates - No Replies

Just been on another forum and the latest news is that Consumers have made a survey for Consumers and have been translated into 7 other languages, for you to take about a 5 minute Questionaire.

It states if prices will rise will you go back to smoking.

I have completed it.

The New Nicotine Alliance have spoken about this on the 11th October 2020.

And here is the Link to the survey.

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  Midnight Downloads
Posted by: P2PLeon - 10-10-2020, 12:43 PM - Forum: What Books are you Reading. - No Replies

I have been a fan of the story of Ernie and Sam since I started to read at Crystals Storysite.

It is the story about Transgender and it tells the story of the above mentioned.

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  What did the PostPerson bring you Today?
Posted by: P2PLeon - 04-10-2020, 02:16 PM - Forum: Daily What? - No Replies

Got this yesterday and am currently using one of them.


What I got was.

10 10ml Bottles of Heisenberg
10 10ml Bottles of Bubblegum
10 10ml Bottles of Silver Tobacco
10 10ml Bottles of Leaf Tobacco
10 10ml Bottles of Sherbet Lemonade.

Got these for 2.49 each but saved 80%.

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  How to store Liquid containing Nicotine
Posted by: P2PLeon - 01-10-2020, 01:47 PM - Forum: E-Liquid Conversation - No Replies

How many bottles of e-juice do you have right now? If your answer is just one, then you can count yourself as one of the exceptions. A majority of advanced vapers like to make sure they won’t accidentally run out of vaping supplies by planning ahead. Plus, if you get your vaporisers and nicotine liquid from an online retailer, then ordering more batteries, atomizers and e-juice bottles at one time just makes more sense.

Not to mention, VaporFi’s custom blending allows users to choose from over 30,000 e-juice flavours, which means you can quickly accumulate more bottles of nicotine liquid then you know what to do with.

As your repertoire of vaping supplies grows, there may come a point where you need to start considering how to store your e-cig backups if you haven’t already.
Can e-juice go bad? This is a common vaping question and the short answer is yes.

Nicotine liquid is made up of three basic elements: nicotine, added flavours, and a vapor producing agent (either PG, VG, or a mixture of both). PG is resistant to bacteria, but nicotine and flavors are natural compounds and thus susceptible to becoming stale.

The main enemies of nicotine liquid are light, heat, moisture and air. Together, these factors speed up the rate of decomposition and make your e-juice go bad sooner.

Some nicotine liquids have been known to remain perfectly smoke-able up to 2 years if stored properly. Certain flavours though are naturally more prone to decay than others—such as fruit flavoured liquids. You’ll know this has occurred if the e-juice smells bad and tastes soured when vaped.

If you want to get the maximum flavour and freshness out of your nicotine liquid, we recommend storing them at room temperature (65-72 degrees). Some vapers opt to store their extra e-juice in their refrigerator or freezer, but others have reported bad experiences in doing so. If you do decide to refrigerate your e-juice, then let it sit out for a while until it returns to room temperature and becomes less thick.

Basements tend to be the best environments for storing nicotine liquid, as they are usually dark and colder than the rest of the house. If you don’t have a basement (which is likely if you live in South Florida), cabinets and cupboards work great too.

Also, if your nicotine liquid will be stored for a month or more, it is advised that you put it in an air-tight vial made with tinted glass. Most e-juices come in plastic bottles, which aren’t good for long-term storage. Small vials like these can usually be purchased online or at local craft shops and health stores for a dollar or less.
The quality of your nicotine liquid is perhaps the single most crucial factor in having a satisfying vape. No matter how great a flavour sounds, if it’s stale e-juice then it just won’t taste good.

By taking these storage tips to heart, you can get the most out of your nicotine liquid and vaping experience as a whole.

Just read this from Vaporfi

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  Bit late but 2021 is here
Posted by: P2PLeon - 14-09-2020, 01:28 PM - Forum: Fantasy Soccer (Football) - No Replies

If you would like to sign up and play all you have to do is register at above website and then join a private league, the league code is u56jkl and then you can select a name for your team and then choose your players.

Remember that each league can only have 16 teams in them so if WE need to we can create more.

Thank you for joining in advance and a happy 2021 for the winner.

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  EU TPD Article 20
Posted by: P2PLeon - 14-08-2020, 04:32 PM - Forum: Laws Where You Are - No Replies

What Article 20 Consists of

Many of you are wondering what laws govern Europe about E-Cigarettes, and the above link shows what is current in law.

You may want to stock up on essentials.

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  Moderators Needed
Posted by: P2PLeon - 02-08-2020, 02:49 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

As with many forums, this site also needs moderators to keep a clean and unobtrusive running.

If you think you have got it, then you will start at the forum level and then once you have shown an understanding, can then moderate all forums.

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  New Study on Asthma and Vaping: Long-term benefits
Posted by: P2PLeon - 23-07-2020, 04:08 PM - Forum: Tobacco Harm Reduction - No Replies

"Persisting long term benefits of smoking abstinence and reduction in asthmatic smokers who have switched to electronic cigarettes" - is the title of a study conducted by the research group led by Prof Riccardo Polosa at the University of Catania, and recently published in Discovery Medicine.

The asthmatic smoker represents a distinct disease phenotype, with increased susceptibility of exacerbations and poor asthma-specific health. Increased disease severity and marked impairment in asthma control is more frequently reported in people with asthma who have smoked more than 20 pack years. Most studies show an accelerated decline in lung function and increased airflow obstruction and even worse, asthma patients who smoke appear to have a reduced response to anti-asthma drugs, compared to asthmatics who do not smoke.

Although quitting smoking can reverse the negative impact of tobacco smoke on asthma symptoms and lung function, many smokers will keep smoking, because when given only the options of smoking or completely giving up nicotine, many will not give it up.
The group hypothesized that electronic cigarettes could not only assist asthmatic smokers to quit, but they could also contribute to harm reversal of subjective and objective asthma outcomes.

The research group investigated changes in the health status and respiratory function of 18 smokers with mild to moderate asthma who quit smoking by switching to daily electronic cigarette use. Baseline measurements were taken prior to switching and were compared with those obtained at 6, 12, and 24 months follow-up visits.

Long-term monitoring of respiratory symptoms, lung function, airway hyper-responsiveness, asthma control, asthma exacerbations and tobacco consumption in daily electronic cigarette users with asthma is of great importance to patients, consumers, manufacturers, health professionals and policy makers. “Significant improvements in respiratory symptoms and lung function have been consistent” - noted the lead author of the study, Prof Riccardo Polosa - with similar positive results being reported in dual users, that is, those who smoked and vaped simultaneously".

Polosa says that switching to daily use of electronic cigarettes may ameliorate clinical, functional and therapeutic outcomes for many asthma patients who smoke and that beneficial effects persist in the long-term. According to the researchers, the use of electronic cigarettes can even reverse the damage caused by tobacco smoke in asthma patients who smoke. Of note, deterioration in methacholine PC20, lung function, ACQ scores and exacerbation rates was noted in the two patients who relapsed to exclusive tobacco smoking.

Quitting smoking is an essential step for asthma patients, crucial for the effective treatment of their disease. However it is not always easy for them. In these cases, a less harmful alternative to tobacco smoking can be a valid option. This evidence-based notion that substitution of conventional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes is unlikely to raise significant respiratory concerns can improve counselling between physicians and their asthmatic patients, who are using or intend to use electronic cigarettes.

Nicotine Policy and updates

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  Thunder Lit Ruby Sting
Posted by: P2PLeon - 08-07-2020, 02:45 PM - Forum: Alternatives - No Replies


Just got this sent to me today, as I purchased it July 2nd 2020, so took 6 days to reach me.

On first smell, it is aromatic in Raspberry and is moist to the touch.

I have one in and has a good kick of everlasting flavour, and the nicotine is good too.

Will be ordering some more once my 10 cans run out.

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