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  Review on Ammit Mtl RDA
Posted by: sourcemore - 06-09-2018, 03:46 AM - Forum: Vendor Reviews - No Replies

Thanks our reviewer for this review, you can get the original review here

Place an order -- ammit mtl rda

Even this is an sample from sourcemore.com, but our reviewer have an unbasized review on it.

Ok all, today we have the geekvape ammit mtl rdafor testing and yes it's supplied with squonk pin.

It's also supplied with plenty of spares including a choice of three, yes three drip tips. Each one getting slightly larger in airflow diameter.
A nice manual, guarantee cert, multi tool, and pre made Clapton coil is also included.

Now this is a single coil affair as you'd expect for mtl and the coil is gripped via ample clamp holes in the coil posts.

I've been looking forward to reviewing this one as I'm a huge mtl squonk fan so rather than use the supplied clapton I went with my usual 1.1 ohm, 2.5mm kanthal coil. Easy enough to fit but I'd say any wire smaller than 28awg May be a juggle to get clamped firmly, (we've all been there).

The design of this rda is incredibly good. The liquid squonks up into a deep deck set under the coil, so the wick tails hang down into the well and the squonk hole is set above the deck floor so a little juice reservoir is always available if you squonk regularly.

The airflow is set high up on the mtl rda and is controlled by an airflow ring with a Cyclops hole on one side which allows you to adjust from a tiny 0.8mm hole up through graduating holes. So you can effectively open as many holes as you like up to a very open mtl draw.
On the other side of the ring you have a single air hole opening allowing you to dial in the exact single airflow hole you require.

Ok, the top cap is where this rda gets interesting. Although the outer diameter is 22mm, the actual coil chamber is under 20mm as the airflow runs down the gap between the outside cap and the inner coil chamber dome. The air then enters the deck via two holes in the deck side and then come up under the coil via two airflow holes.

The under coil airflow holes are on angled slopes so you have one at the front bottom of the coil and One at a higher angle behind the coil. (Hopefully the photos show this better).

Initially when I saw this I'd lost a bit of hope, but on use. I stand corrected, the flavour is deep and rich. Absolutely spot on. Actually a similar style of vape to the berserker mtl rdabut with better flavour and less turbulence (thanks to the two angled airflow points)

The other plus of this design is a can't get it to leak. The top cap is held firmly but not as firm as some geekvape rda's. So it won't come off by accident but you can actually remove it without resorting to the tool box, lol.

So far all I can say is I've run three different juices through it at different viscosity and they've all wicked beautifully and delivered genuinely first class flavour.

I put this on my inbox yesterday to replace my ever present strike and I've no interest in swapping back anytime soon. It's definitely the equal of the strike in flavour and it has the benefit of being leak proof.

More MTL RDA via --> mtl rda

[Image: Ammit-MTL-RDA-A.jpg]

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  Review on Paranormal DNA250C Mod
Posted by: sourcemore - 04-09-2018, 07:50 AM - Forum: Vendor Reviews - No Replies

For DNA fans the allure of Paranormal DNA250C Mod is hard to resist. We would think a seconds before place an order for that it comes with a higher price. Here is a review on replay mode and conclusion on the mod for your reference. Hope it can help you.

You can also visit here to read the original review.

I think that replay mode deserves its own section away from regular operation as it is in many ways ground-breaking. If you are an avid reader of my reviews, then you know that I don’t commonly use temperature control. I dabble with it a little, but just never got into it. Temp control has its faults, but those who love it really love it. However, it can contain lots of tweaking and fiddling around, and it takes some trial and error before one can really understand everything about it. With Replay Mode, Evolv has simplified the idea of temp control, and made it a much simpler process. No, this isn’t temp control per say, but it basically acts like a dumbed down version of it. To use replay mode, one must have a temperature control wire material (SS, Ti, Ni200). As you operate in replay mode, it will pop up as “recording”. Once you think you have it to the point that it is just right, then hit “save puff” in the middle of the screen. From there on out, it will attempt to recreate that perfect puff again and again. It corrects for a warming coil, reduction in liquid, etc. to provide a consistent vape every time. As a bonus, this also helps to prevent dry hits. When liquid starts to dry up in the cotton, the characteristics of the coil change, and the mod adjusts for this and applies less voltage to the coil. If you keep attempting to vape, it will keep on dropping the voltage until essentially nothing is happening. This is a common “side effect” that temp control users love, but I was surprised to see this happen in replay as well. I started off using this mod as a wattage device only, but once I discovered replay, there was no going back. The consistency of the vape makes it one of the most pleasant vaping experiences that I have had, and it is a shame that this type of temp control has not come out sooner.

The sky is the limit to the kind of vape you will get off the Paranormal DNA250C. With things like replay mode, excellent TC, and a solid wattage mode, there isn’t much left but to start enjoying the vape this provides. Escribe can be used to fine tune battery performance, curves, TC accuracy, themes, layouts, and more, but for those who don’t have access to a computer this will work great right out of the box. As much as I love this device, it has it’s share of cons. One very noticeable con is that it just isn’t super ergonomic. It is a bit too deep from front to back and feels like my hand is more open when holding this, and thus less secure. It is a well-built device, but my model had some blemishes with the side panels. One side is sunk in a bit, and the other one protrudes some. It is the same with both the wood and carbon panels, which tells me the body is where the blemish is. Not a huge con, but it was noticeable during every use. While I mentioned above that there are a ton of great material and color combos, all of them have this lame tortoise shell ring near the atomizer. This doesn’t match a damn thing and just looks out of place. A con for some might be its limited atomizer size compatibility. 24mm atomizers look right at home on top of this mod, but anything larger than that starts to look a bit off. 25mm won’t overhang the sides of the device but do start to protrude over the tapered portion near the 510. The last con is a minor one once you get vaping, but when going through different modes, you will find that this device asks about atomizer resistance just about every time a mode is changed. Once you are vaping on a certain mode it stops asking, but it is annoying when first setting up.

So, would I suggest this device to you? The easy answer is yes. It is one of the best mods I have used to date in terms of customization, overall experience, quality, and style. The cons I mentioned were all nitpicky, small items that I truly had to dig for. There are no major quality flaws and it feels like it is built to last. With Escribe, there is so much that can be done to fine tune the entire experience and the Evolv forum is full of themes, settings, profiles, and people willing to help you out with your DNA journey. This is a solid product from Lost Vape, and easily one of the best chips to hit the market (if not the best).

Performance is second to none
Build quality overall is good
Solid battery door
Some come with extra, interchangeable doors
Color Options
DNA 250c is a HUGE improvement over OG DNA 250
Price is coming down to being an absolute steal
Replay mode provides a simple, excellent vape experience

My side panels didn’t sit right
Doesn’t fit over 24mm atomizers without overhang
Learning curve can be daunting, as it is a complicated chip
Escribe has a learning curve as well

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  Sourcemore Labor Day Sales
Posted by: sourcemore - 30-08-2018, 02:40 AM - Forum: Vendor Discounts Codes - No Replies

Sourcemore US Vaping Labor Day Sales, Free Shipping Worldwide

All 15% Off

Coupon Code: LD15 (Expired on Sep.3rd)

Place an order  -- https://www.sourcemore.com/labor-day-sales-2018 (Only for items on this page)

[Image: labor-day-banner.jpg]

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  Official What are you reading Thread.
Posted by: P2PLeon - 29-08-2018, 06:21 PM - Forum: Social Forum - No Replies

Hi, all I would like to ask what are you reading at the moment Bookwise.

Lately, I have been returning to read JOYFUL WISDOM in which I did read nearly half many moons ago.
But since reading it again am still on chapter one.

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  review on Aspire Feedlink Revvo kit
Posted by: sourcemore - 29-08-2018, 07:22 AM - Forum: Vendor Reviews - No Replies

To help you get more details about our products. The review from our reviewers will be posted here for your reference.

The review on Aspire Feedlink Revvo kit

The original one review Click here

Products -- Aspire Feedlink Revvo kit

The Aspire Feedlink Revvo kit comes with a single 18605 battery with the power output from 70W-80W. Right, it is a squonk mod works with the innovative ARC coil. It equips all the quality and safety features you have come to expect from Aspire. It’s almost pistol grip feel makes it very ergonomic in the hand and easy to operate the squonk bottle and fire button with just one hand, an absolute joy to hold and use. In addition to the Feedlink mod, there is the newly designed bottom feeding Revvo boost Tank. 


Great bottle and system.

As hand friendly as a pair of gloves

simple to use maintain etc

Looks nice

Works like it should

circuit for added protection

Feels solid


Needs Aspire to release extra bottles

None removable pin in the Revvo

Spitback if the mod tips over

battery door, for some but I am fine with it personally


I have really enjoyed using the Aspire feedlink and will continue to do so, The revvo tank although I am happy with its performance I will go on to use a Wasp Nano in future as I am not a stock coils user.

I like everything about the mod, this is the mod to buy if you want to try squonk mod without a VW or temp control chip if you are new or have never used a mechanical mod as it offers a fair amount of safety. Those who don't or can't build yet will also enjoy using it.

Its ease of use and maintenance make this a great kit to use and it will get used by me quite often especially on shorter trips out due to its size and ease of use. Aspire cracked it with this squonker and the Revvo tank is ok if the idea is something you like.
[Image: 4_25.jpg]

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  Coupon Code for OBS Crius 2 RTA
Posted by: sourcemore - 21-08-2018, 04:07 AM - Forum: Vendor Discounts Codes - Replies (5)

$25.99 FOR OBS Crius 2 RTA Dual Coil Version 4ml, Free shipping

    1. OBS style refilling design
    2. Bottom adjustable airflow
    3. Adjustable juice hole
    4. High-tech DIY deck
    5. Detachable structure for cleaning
    6. Fashionable appearance

[Image: OBS_Crius_2_RTA_Dual_Coil-1.jpg]

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  Review on Geek Vape Creed RTA
Posted by: sourcemore - 18-08-2018, 03:11 AM - Forum: Vendor Reviews - No Replies

[Image: Geek_Vape_Creed_RTA.jpg] 
This Creed RTA comes with a 6.5ml bubble tank fitted but it also comes with a 4.5ml straight glass. Also in the box you get a bag of spares with your usual o rings, different driptips and a 3 in 1 tool

This RTA has a little trick up its sleeve. I've not seen it on any other RTA before. The Creed has changeable airflow sleeves. So you can have it just with bottom airflow or you can use a different sleeve to give it bottom and side airflow. On the bottom of the tank there is the airflow control ring which adjusts the 3 large air holes on the base of the tank.

So you can pick a sleeve to give you different airflow options. I did test this without a sleeve but the flavour was quite muted to me.

I've been using the Creed since it arrived on my doorstep and I am loving it. I was a huge fan of the ammit and ammit 25. I used them for quite sometime despite their small issues. The Creed hasn't shown any of the ammit issues as of yet.

The build deck is a dual post deck but the coils share the clamp holes. So there is one hole per post. The clamp holes are quite big so you shouldn't have any issues coiling it. I've been using tri fused Clapton coils in mine. I will say the largest coil you're gonna get in is a 3mm ID.

There is 2 large wicking ports and I have used the dam wicking method and I have not had a leak at all. Even if left for several hours.

I have found the flavour on this tank to be brilliant. I have used all the airflow sleeves and my personal favourite is the side sloted airflow sleeve. When you change sleeves you may have to either raise or lower you coils depending on which sleeve you use. As I said I've been using tri fused Clapton coils coming in at 0.31ohm for the pair and at 60w it is a great flavourful and cloudy vape.

The base of the tank is 25mm. But the bottom of the airflow control ring is 26mm so I would say you need a mod that can take 26mm tanks so you don't have an overhang. I only mention this as I know there are others like me that can't live with overhang.

This tank will be staying in my daily rotation for quite some time.

So let's have a look at some pros and cons.


The airflow sleeves. You can have just bottom airflow or bottom and side airflow.

Easy to coil and wick without leaking.

Juice capacity 4.5ml or 6.5ml depending on the glass you use


As of yet I haven't found anything I don't like or doesn't function as it should. But if anything happens to arise I will update this.

The review is from Sam's Saucy Juice Reviews --> https://www.planetofthevapes.co.uk/forum...ed.167085/

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  Review on Modefined Draco 200W mod
Posted by: sourcemore - 16-08-2018, 02:47 AM - Forum: Vendor Reviews - No Replies

Just get a review on Modefined Draco 200W mod from our reviewer Tim. Here is the conlusion part from his review. you can get a full review on https://www.ecigssa.co.za/modefined-drac...od.t52558/

My Experience Using the Draco

I have been using the Modefined Draco 200W mod with a couple of new atomizers i have been testing along with a couple of my favourites. I have used it from 14w (it stayed impressively silent) up to roughly the 100w mark and it didn't miss a beat with all wattage's vaped seeming accurate. I must say at this point i don't have access to data or do temp control so only review devices as a personal experience. As far as hitting the 200w mark goes i really can't be certain but if not i'm confident it won't be far off, also i have not heard anything negative about temp control. As you would expect the Draco fires with no noticeable delay and the feel of the fire button is delightful, in fact the whole feel of the device in hand is spot on with the side finish having a very nice feeling finish. The Battery life didn't seem the best though and sometimes getting to the option you want in the menu can take a while but it's simple enough. The device has all the features to pretty much satisfy any vaper and i particularly enjoyed using the curves on the device. Up to a 28mm atomizer looks good on the device and the Draco is fully firmware upgradeable. The last thing to mention in this section is the scrolling is superb, it scrolls in point one increments up to 10w then changes to 1w increments, when the button to scroll is held down it changes to 5w increments.

Although having the height of a dual 2x700 battery mod despite only accommodating 18650's the Draco still has the ergonomics to make it a suitable out and about device. With it's high end look and very good performance (in my experience) it's priced very reasonably. The Draco is packed with all the features you would expect from a top device.

High end build quality
High end finish and aesthetics
Very ergonomic
Good use of materials
Unique looking interface (both themes) good layout and use of colours
Sharp, large, bright display
Up to 28mm atty's look good
2 themes
Very easy to use
Select button
Temp control
200w max power
Above 10w increases in 1w increments
Very sturdy secure battery door
Firmware Upgradeable

Very poor marked battery orientation
Battery life slightly under par
Getting to certain settings takes time
Only way to switch off device is taking batteries out.

The Modefined Draco 200W Mod keeps the balance between high-performance and ergonomic functionality, integrating a smart chip set. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, the Draco Mod is capable of firing up to 200W max output. The large 2.0 inch colorful screen delivers a wide range of information in an organized manner, with a focus on ergonomic user-friendly interface. The Draco 200W Box Mod is beautifully crafted with a die-cast zinc alloy frame, implementing the elegant design of G10 accent side panels for luxurious options.

[Image: Draco_Mod_-A.jpg]

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  Coupon Code for all Replacement Coils
Posted by: sourcemore - 16-08-2018, 02:21 AM - Forum: Vendor Discounts Codes - Replies (7)

$39.99 for Hangsen IQ 3SECS Pod System Kit, free shipping

1. Plug-and-Play ecosystem
2. 2ml refillable pod
3. 0.96 inch TFT screen shows battery life and puff animation
4. 400mAh built-in battery
5. Draw-activated mechanism
6. 30-minute quick charge technology
7. Proprietary gold-plated magnetic connection

[Image: black_gold_2.jpg]

$58.25 - Smok Species 230W Kitwith TFV8 Baby V2 Tank, Free Shipping

1. Powerful vapor production
2. 1.45 inch colorful touch screen, easy operation
3. Screen locking button ensures safety
4. 230W output powered by dual 18650 cells
5. Multiple types of protections to avoid potential risks
6. Antibacterial medical cotton reduces the amount of bacterial
7. 5ml top filling system tank with Baby V2 series coils

[Image: smok_species_kit_1.jpg]

Coupon "COIL" with 10% off for all Vaping Replacement Coil, free shipping
 (Expired on Sep.31)

[Image: 867-307_28.jpg]

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  Giveaway on Wismec Active 80W Kit with Amor NS Plus Tank
Posted by: sourcemore - 15-08-2018, 05:04 AM - Forum: Vendor Comps - Replies (4)

Giveaway on Wismec Active 80W Kit with Amor NS Plus Tank
Enter the Giveaway --> https://www.sourcemore.com/wismec-active...black.html

Wismec Active 80W Kit with Amor NS Plus Tank can serve as an ecig and a speaker with the innovative Bluetooth technology. You are able to listen to music while vaping. The Active Mod is designed to be waterproof, shockproof and shatter-resistant.

1. Easy to carry with the hook design
2. A must-have for vapers on the go
3. 0.91 inch OLED screen shows vaping data
4. Built-in 2100mAh battery with 80W max output
5. 4.5ml e-liquid capacity, adjustable bottom airflow and easy top filling design
6. New WS04 MTL 1.3ohm head is optimized for intense flavour
7. Waterproof, shockproof & shatter-resistant design to ensure safe vaping
8. Advanced technology for serving as a fantastic e-cig and an innovative Bluetooth speaker

[Image: Wismec_Active_with_Amor_NS_Plus_Kit_1.jpg]

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