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Forum Rules - Vendors
Acceptance For Vendors
Dear Vendor.

It is with great honour that you have signed up for MVR Forum, and we are pleased to have you on board.

  1. Once you have signed up and wanting to post in associated forums, you will need to firstly post in the following Forum. To get your account activated. But once you do, you will firstly need to state what line of business you are in, whether you be in juice creations, mod innovations, cells for mods, or a designer. This will be only a small conversation from your innitial acceptance.

  2. You will be asked for an Image of no larger than 150px wide and 30px high. This will cater better for you as the members on board will associate the image to the board that you have been posting in.

    You might want to add other members to the board if you are on holiday and still need active posts to go up, so Please state the members that will be posting.

    This will be a sole board.

  3. Once you have been activated and have a Forum for your self, you will then need to do a Vendor Introduction as this will allow the members to associate Username and Business.

  4. From Time to time, members may wish to ask you questions on your postings, and we would like for you to answer them. Keeping this up is good rep for both you the vendor and customer care.

  5. If you see a opportunity to sell to a member outside the main forum you post, you will need to be helpfull, meaning saying you can get this from us in which is not allowed, only that you can state this is our best seller. This will help the customer make their minds up as to where to go to purchase item.

  6. Once you have been accepted and put into registered group, you will then be able to access the user control panel. You will need to navigate to the store to purchase a monthy,yearly,lifetime membership to the site. So you can update members of new Innovations.

    Please note that this is a temporary payment method plan, until better comes along so we can use it.

This is just a draft but still active, this Forum Rule for Vendors will be updated when needed.

Please note that new posts in this forum must be approved by a moderator before becoming visible.

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