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In Week 1 I'm Giving Vaping Another Go
Went all day without but smoked again in the morning at 9:40 AM.

Since then I have smoked about 11 since that time. And now am going on the Vape.

So my New starting time is 2 PM
It has been a week since I last spoke, and I have been smoking since then.

I still find it hard to wake up and vape.
It is now Wednesday and I have been smoking since Sunday, but on Monday I quit smoking for about 8 hours that day, then when I got up, I instantly went for my mod. Only to start to smoke again after 30 minutes of being up.

Since I do want to Quit smoking, I have found out that the packets that I buy have gone up in price and is only a fraction of what they used to cost.

From £9.30 now to £9.50.

So since I have smoked all my packet and have a full one left, I do not want to break into that. So Vaping is my only Vice.

So my new Quit time is 5 PM on November 18th 2020

I should be able to do this and hoping that `i will.
Right I am now getting fed up of SMOKING. And the only way to stop this is to VAPE.

I have been borrowing from my savings to buy packets, and this is a no go area as I would like to save money.

I have just had one of my last Cigarettes and will from now on Vape.

My new quit date and time from Smoking is 27th November 2020 @ 4 PM

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