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Would You Join
For those of you who are Lurking and would like to join, but will not due to lack of content. The reason why is that we have few members and many are not active either by continuing to log in or posting something that is thought to be particular to this fine forum.

If you do join, you will be treated with respect, and not a word said against you.

But rest assured that your stay will be welcoming and good. But note that if you do join, you will need to post a thread into the Activation Requests forum, this is so we weed out spammers and content that is offensive or illicit will not be published to the internet.

Also once you have been registered, and posted in designated forums, you will only be moderated for a short period of time. Again, this is to weed out spammers. You will then be able to post in most of the forums.

Shy Cool Arrow 

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