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Numbers Template 3 Templates to use Daily (1 Viewer)

This Prefix is used for those willing to give documents from apples numbers, mainly the templates.


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Here are 3 Templates that might be slightly out of date, but is easy to amend.

The first is Mixology E Juice Creator which will allow you to define your own mixtures for your own E Juice.
The second is Vape Budget which will allow you to see what and where you purchased your devices, accessories, or juices. In either local or foreign currency.
The Third is a list of Concentrates, Nic, and Accessories to know how much you have left and how much you have spent up to date.


  • D.I.Y Vape Mixture Events.nmbtemplate
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  • Vape Budget Spend.nmbtemplate
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  • Mixology E JUICE Creator.nmbtemplate
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