Day 1 I now have to have 0mg juices.


Try as I might, Trying to Quit Smoking
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Since I was coughing profusely, I made some 0mg/ml juice which worked well, so now I think that I am lethargic to nicotine as I just cough when having juices with it in.

So now I have to have juices with 0mg nic in.

I have also nearly had all my packets of cigarettes, with only one left in the packet.

This is because I am about to quit smoking for good.

April the 15th 2024 @ 9:45 PM
It is now Friday the 19th, and I have since Failed to quit smoking.

But now I will try my hardest to quit again.

My new Quit Date is as follows.

19th April 2024 @ 8PM.
Right, so I have not quit yet. So what? I will be quitting soon, and if everything goes according to plan, you will see this thread within a month.

I try to please everyone, and today, I had a conversation with my breathing doctor over the phone.

What she said was that I must quit smoking and vaping if I am doing that.

But the truth is that I am highly addicted to smoking, and since I now have to have zero nicotine in my juice.

It ponders the worst of it. And knowing that Cigarettes have nicotine makes it irrational to smoke and not Vape.

So, as of 7 PM today, I will only be vaping there on out.

26th of April 2024 @ 7PM (6 PM without DST)
It is now the 14th of May, and I will try my hardest to Vape Only from today at 6:30 PM.

The logic around it is that cigarettes are getting expensive to fill my 30-40-day habit.

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