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My Whole Story


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Hello all, most of you will know me from UKVapers.org, from the time that I was doing many Threads.

My story goes something like this, I had my first cigarette aged 12 when my mother and father were sleeping in their bed, I snuck in quietly crawling along the floor. I opened my mother's bedside cabinet and took a SUPERKINGS out, you know the long and black version.

Once I was out of the room I proceeded to go downstairs, quietly, without waking anyone. Once I was in the front room, I noticed that there were no Lighters around, So had to improvise by using the gas-lit fireplace. Once lit, I held the cigarette between the ceramic claves until lit.

Now my thinking was that I would get this done without a hassle, but when I first inhaled I noticed a burning sensation in my lungs. And I coughed, Now do not get me wrong but I wish I never had done that, and then took small drags until it was done.

Whilst smoking that first initial cigarette, I noticed that it was taking a long time to smoke it. But not like it is today.

Then I went a few months without having one until I noticed a packet on the front porch of my neighbour's deck chair. So I took them.

I smoked them either during the night or if I fancied one in the comfort of my bedroom. As my dad was a passive smoker and it would have been masked.

There were about 11 in the packet and lasted me about 2 months.

Then we moved. From domestic violence between two neighbours.

One day I bought my first packet at the age of 15 and lasted about a week.

I was smoking in my room when I noticed mother coming up the stairs so I hid my fag, when still lit under the bed.

Mother ousted me then and told me not to hide it and to quit. I told my dad about it and he too told me to quit.

But I could not since I was hooked.

So on occasion mother would buy me a packet.

Then my parents split up, with my dad moving to Spain for some reason, about getting the land that he had as a kid and wanted it back or getting paid.

So I went to college and was a secret smoker.

When my dad did eventually arrive back in the UK, we were unknown to him.

My mother did not want him back but persisted to be a friend.

Then all errands broke.

My father then found out that he had a cancerous tongue and they took a quarter away. and had to go through the neck for something.This was due to smoking for so long.

This did not alter me from smoking and him to quit, cold turkey.

Then my dad died in 2005 and still I continued to smoke.

Since then I have either tried to quit or continued to smoke.

My First Quit Attempt.

I was seeing my doctor for something and was prescribed my patches, and I used them, I lasted about 2 days before I took up smoking again, as my will-power was not that good.

Then I found ecigs on Youtube and watched about a day's worth of reviews and testimonials.

Then bought my first ecig, which was an Innokin Coolfire IV and iSub G tank.

Then came the juice, and did not know that the tank that I had bought was a Direct to lung tank and purchased 18mg of juice.

Once they both arrived, I filled up that tank and tried to take a pull, It ripped my throat and could no longer vape.

Until somebody on ECF motioned me to buy the Aspire Nautilus Mini and use that.

I did and it worked for the most part apart from taking it back to the throat. I would cough profusely.

Then I got into rebuildable. And purchased a tester RDA, not by name but just the style of tank.

I would try out my coil building and wicking on that thing a few times before I purchase a UUD Bellus V1 tank. Buy gum that tank is either hit or miss sometimes.

And purchased more.

I eventually got my nephew into vaping, but he still smokes but not all that much.

Then on 5th October 2016, I started my journey to being quit for good, although I thought. And lasted until 14th November 2016,

SInce then I have had a few days to a week without smoking.

But I still smoke now.

So just hope that someday I will quit smoking.