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For Sale Snus collection (1 Viewer)

These are what are in the fridge

Epox - Melon (1) Opened
Qvitt - Original (9) One Opened
Catch - Licorice (1) Opened
Odens - Original (6) 3 in fridge 3 in freezer

These are what are in the Freezer

Thunder Lit - Ruby Sting (9)
Thunder - Ultra Frosted (3)
Siberia - º60 Extremely Strong (3)

And Now For the Photos
Siberia - º60 Small.jpegRuby Sting Small.jpegQvitt Small.jpegEpox - Melon Small.jpegCatch - Licorice Small.jpegOdens Small.jpeg
Thunder - Ultra Frosted Small.jpeg
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