• Hello Guest if you haven't already read the Forum Rules. Please do so now, so you are upto date with the current nogo. Also there is a 30 second rule for registrations.

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These are the forum rules, and these must be obeyed indefinatley.


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Hello, and welcome to the forum rules; these must be abided by all daily. From time to time, these rules will be updated.

New Registrants.

You must complete the Form Manually, as writing everything should take at least 30 seconds. Anything less will revoke registration.

1. You will not receive an email for you to be verified.

You will then be Moderated to ensure that you are not a spammer.

But don't worry, you will only be moderated after purchasing a £0.28p account, either at registration or in your account upgrades, via the profile page. Then, you may post in other Forums without being moderated.

But if you are found to be posting more than enough to get the post count and then post illicit posting, you will be banned.

2. You may only have one account per household.

3. You must be of legal age to post here (Adult). Email addresses with the No-Reply will be deleted.

Users of underage will be banned immediately, with no questions asked. This site is for adults only.


4. As with many forums, forums have to be moderated by moderators or staff. So, occasionally, some posts may be edited or deleted.

4. A. Illicit content is not allowed in any forums; all this content will be deleted, and you may be banned.

4. B. You may ask staff questions if you are unsure of specific rules. These will be in the Contact Us Forum

4. C. You are not allowed to advertise on this forum software. Failure to do so will result in a ban. Hence promoting another site. However, if it is related to the subject, then please do. This means e-cig-related or off-topical discussions then go ahead.

4.D. You must not share copyrighted materials. Acting as you disrespect other members and may include a ban.


5. The primary language used on this board is English, so all correspondence must be in English.

5. A. You and only You are liable for posting what content you put up.

5. B. You must not post Illicit content on the forum as this breaches the Internet code. Doing so will result in a permanent ban and that post to be deleted.


6. If you are liable for a ban, all your privileges will be revoked. This means you will enter a ban immediately for a short duration whilst Moderators and admin talk about your actions to be in the banned group.

6. A. You must accept a ban is imminent for your part in any aspect of the forum rules that you deliberately convened to do the opposite.

6.B. You must acknowledge that there will be a short or long duration of a ban or a permanent ban.

6. C.

User Tradings Community

7. You must hit a certain threshold of posts before you can post in the wanted, for-sale trading forums. You will know when to do so by looking under group subscriptions in your Postbit. You will see a new group that says Allowed To Trade and that you cannot leave it.

7. A. In the User Tradings forum, you must supply photos of the item to be sold/traded and state the RRP (Regular Retailers Price) of the items to be sold or traded.

7. B. All correspondence from the For Sale Wanted must be stated in the thread about what has happened. This alerts other members if an item is still for sale or a swap is still in play, which means using Prefixes.

7. C. Please place a Prefix for what you are doing. Remember there is an On Hold prefix if items are pending and a Completed prefix once all is done and dusted.

Supplies for Mixing DIY EJuices.

7.D Remember that this is user-driven and that all Concentrates must be in date within six months of the Use By Date for those wanting to Sell your concentrates.

7. E. You must still state the location of the mixing supplies, as postage might be excessive if you live in another country.

Cloned Items

8. Users speaking of cloned items is okay for discussions, but it must be stated that the item in question is cloned.

8.A. Users wishing to sell or trade or have competitions or giveaways for cloned items must state that the item in question is cloned.

Games to play.

9. If you are wanting to play word or picture games on this site. Please do not post it in the Lounge area of the forums. We have a designated Forum for all games. and you will only be able to find it on the web.

So if you are on tapatalk you will have to submit a request to have a new forum placed in the off-topic section of the board.
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