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These are the forum rules, and these must be obeyed indefinatley.


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For those of you who would like to Trade your goods, it is key to note that the following rules are set in stone. This is for practicality and to notify the buyer if the goods are up to what the seller has stated.

1. The seller has the right to modify the main first post.

2. The seller must provide a price for trade i.e Selling only.

3. The seller must provide photo evidence of any scratches, dents, and Screen turned on.

4. The seller must use the prefixes to notify the state of purchase the item is in. I.e




And an ending prefix of the following after a sale has been completed:

On Hold


5. You must have the minimum post amount before any member may post in this Forum.

6. You will be notified of the User Ranks system to state if you can trade or not, located below username and reputation.

7. The Trader, must state where they are in the world. As postage might be too high to have a single item sent.

8. All correspondence must be stated whether you Direct Messaged The Seller, I.e Made a post stating you private message seller.

These are some of the Trading Forum Rules, these can be updated at any time.
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