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Here are the Forum Rules, these need to be abided by by all.
Forum rules
These rules may be updated so please keep checking that they have been updated.
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Trading In Community


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For those that have privileges to post topics in the Community Trading Forum, there needs to be rules in what you do, sell, trade or want.

1. You must state what is to be Traded in the first line of the post, this is only for archival purposes and will only allow those that are viewing it in Trading Archive to know what has been sold traded or wanted.

2. You must specify the Regular Retailer Price (RRP) for items to be sold or traded as a value for those who want something new.

3. You must pay in Paypals Goods and Services, if paying by friends and family you will not have insurances for the item and you may not get the item.

4. You must post pictures of the item to be sold or traded as this will allow the member who is wanting one an overview of the item traded.

5. Please Use the prefixes for the item, as this is an easy way to get descriptive of the item sold, traded.

6. If having a Competition or GIveaway the organiser retains the cost of posting the item out.

The use of Prefixes are as follows

For Sale
On Hold
Give Away
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