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    Petition To Reduce Tax There is a Petition on Government Petitions that will likely reduce tax.

    A vape tax of 20% is ludicrous; change to 5% like smoking Cessation. We have until September 21 2024 to stop the increase of 20% on all vaping mods, tanks, drippers, accessories, juices and more. We urge you to sign this. There is only 166 at time of writing this that have signed.
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    We would like to ask how you found us and why you signed up.

    Hello, everyone. The forum staff would love to know how you found us, whether through word of mouth or a search for vaping forums. Then why did you sign up? All you have to do is post below.
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    Day 1 I now have to have 0mg juices.

    It is now the 14th of May, and I will try my hardest to Vape Only from today at 6:30 PM. The logic around it is that cigarettes are getting expensive to fill my 30-40-day habit.
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    Drop Kick A Word

    Chocolate Drops
  5. D

    Dr Who Fans

    Are you a fan of the doctor.
  6. Tell Us About Your Blog Or Forum

    Tell Us About Your Blog Or Forum

    This group is all about promoting your blog or forum, that others may have or have not seen.
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    What type of e-juice do you like the most?

    What are your preferred daily e-juice consumption do you do each day.
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    Drop Kick A Word

    Christmas Wrappers
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    Drop Kick A Word

    Toilet Tissue
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    The Forum Rules The Main Forum Rules

    I agree that these are sometimes cumbersome, but are needed to maintain order. Also they may need to be reviewed from time to time, that will or will not allow members to break forum rules.
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    Day 1 I now have to have 0mg juices.

    Right, so I have not quit yet. So what? I will be quitting soon, and if everything goes according to plan, you will see this thread within a month. I try to please everyone, and today, I had a conversation with my breathing doctor over the phone. What she said was that I must quit smoking and...
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    Drop Kick A Word

    Royale Flush Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    Here you will receive support if you are still smoking

    This thread is about those that are still smoking, and for you to encourage them to stop.
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    Drop Kick A Word

    Josie Derbyshire
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    Drop Kick A Word

    Running Downhill
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    Drop Kick A Word

    Someone Running
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    Day 1 I now have to have 0mg juices.

    It is now Friday the 19th, and I have since Failed to quit smoking. But now I will try my hardest to quit again. My new Quit Date is as follows. 19th April 2024 @ 8PM.
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    Drop Kick A Word

    Thought Provoking
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    What is your current Nicotine Strength

    Just would like to know what strength juice you use in terms of Nicotine Usage.
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    For those of you going to Events.

    If you plan on going to any event, these are some of my recommended thoughts on what to do to keep safe. Never leave or take your eyes off your Mod when putting it down for any minute to either eat or try something else. This is because there still are some vigilant people about who will snap...