The Lux Pod Kit


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I bought this from Vape Club here in the UK.

I purchased it for my nephew who still smokes but usually vapes most of the day.

But since he refuses to use it at work, I was endowed with it, until recently when I used the main Pod with 24mg Liquid.

I just could not hack it, so a few months passed, and since. My main mod, could not handle the Fat Rabbit very well on 24 watts, with a 0.6 ? Tiger coil.

Or even a 1.13? Micro coil in the Siren V2.

Now I have put in a new Pod and put in my ow Juice.

I Had last night also used another Pod, I purchased a further 2 packs of 2. And put in a juice i have had for ages.

Namely Black Ice.#

Now you know I don't generally go for Menthol, but it gives a kick and I Can hack this as it is only 6 MG.

Now since it is an automatic draw, and has no buttons it is reliable when vaping, and has a LED Light near the front. and USB Type C charging on the back.

Usually, Mod manufacturers put the charging on the bottom but this does not have that so it can be stood upright and saved from flooding.


Please ignore the juice in the picture as i did not get that.

All in all I would suggest this to people who want simplicity over power.


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