The Forum Rules Behaviours & Language

Language used on this board.

If you are new to this board, we would like to say that the primary language used for this board is American English or British English.
Failure to use either of these will result in a ban if you are found to only write in your native tongue. But you may only write a sentence stating what is written on odd occasions. So please keep it short and straightforward. Old Sayings, like "raining cats and dogs," should be used in your native language and explain what is said.

Behaviours that are acceptable on board.

We here at My Vaping Right would welcome anyone who either smokes or is vaping or, on odd occasions, using NRT.
We do not tolerate
bullying of any kind, even if you think it is funny; this could have to do with their background, sexual orientation, age, ethnic background, and others. So, to keep everyone from finding that they are inadvertently bullying without thinking they are, please think before you write, as what you say to one person may not be acceptable to another.

It would help if you respected this from others, and you will be respected back.

Updating this Rule

From time to time, Rules may be updated or amended, so please keep an eye on them.

In due course, we will update this to broaden the rule.