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    Petition To Reduce Tax There is a Petition on Government Petitions that will likely reduce tax.

    A vape tax of 20% is ludicrous; change to 5% like smoking Cessation. We have until September 21 2024 to stop the increase of 20% on all vaping mods, tanks, drippers, accessories, juices and more. We urge you to sign this. There is only 166 at time of writing this that have signed.
  2. P2PLeon

    We would like to ask how you found us and why you signed up.

    Hello, everyone. The forum staff would love to know how you found us, whether through word of mouth or a search for vaping forums. Then why did you sign up? All you have to do is post below.
  3. P2PLeon

    What type of e-juice do you like the most?

    What are your preferred daily e-juice consumption do you do each day.
  4. P2PLeon

    Here you will receive support if you are still smoking

    This thread is about those that are still smoking, and for you to encourage them to stop.
  5. P2PLeon

    What is your current Nicotine Strength

    Just would like to know what strength juice you use in terms of Nicotine Usage.
  6. P2PLeon

    For those of you going to Events.

    If you plan on going to any event, these are some of my recommended thoughts on what to do to keep safe. Never leave or take your eyes off your Mod when putting it down for any minute to either eat or try something else. This is because there still are some vigilant people about who will snap...
  7. P2PLeon

    What Mod did you Purchase?

    Post a pick of your current Mod Purchase.
  8. P2PLeon

    What are you Vaping Today?

    Just would like to know the flavour profile you are vaping today. Please post pic or comment.
  9. P2PLeon

    If you would like another banner

    We now have the following banners on offer that will state where you are from. These are the following: UKVapers Planet of the vapes Vaping Underground Tapatalk E-Cig Vendors YouTube Reviewer More will be added over time. So if you would like one, all you have to do is state what you would...
  10. P2PLeon

    Day 1 I now have to have 0mg juices.

    Since I was coughing profusely, I made some 0mg/ml juice which worked well, so now I think that I am lethargic to nicotine as I just cough when having juices with it in. So now I have to have juices with 0mg nic in. I have also nearly had all my packets of cigarettes, with only one left in the...
  11. P2PLeon

    The Lux Pod Kit

    I bought this from Vape Club here in the UK. I purchased it for my nephew who still smokes but usually vapes most of the day. But since he refuses to use it at work, I was endowed with it, until recently when I used the main Pod with 24mg Liquid. I just could not hack it, so a few months...
  12. P2PLeon

    Would You Join

    [No message]
  13. P2PLeon

    Should be good to go!

    Hello all, I have not posted for some time, and am now on the way to QUIT SMOKING. I am DL on the Siren V2, on top of Evic VTwo running at just 14 watts, with a single coil, running at 133?'s. The reason for this post is that Fags are now too damn expensive and I want to quit smoking. Just as...
  14. P2PLeon

    My Whole Story

    Hello all, most of you will know me from, from the time that I was doing many Threads. My story goes something like this, I had my first cigarette aged 12 when my mother and father were sleeping in their bed, I snuck in quietly crawling along the floor. I opened my mother's bedside...
  15. P2PLeon

    We Have just added

    For those of you who need information or need to request something we have just added the category or Forums or the Following. Could I Have Information On And Formal Requests. These will be the basis of finding information from other users and if wanted to put some up yourself in other...
  16. P2PLeon

    Guide on Mixing

    Mixing your own e-liquid flavours can be a fun, cost-effective and rewarding experience and isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think. With some unflavored nicotine, your favourite flavours and a few simple tools, you can be on your way to becoming a “mix-master” in no time. The General...
  17. P2PLeon

    Nicotine Storage

    Storage Basics Always buy the highest % nicotine base you can buy (currently 7.2% legally in the UK) as the less PG/VG you have in the bottle the better and always buy the best quality, the freshest base you can find to start off with. What to store it in? Nicotine bases should be stored in...
  18. P2PLeon

    VG Properties

    Vegetable Glycerin (VG): VG is a colourless (or VERY light tan-opaque), odourless, very viscous liquid, the other common solvent used in eliquid (along with PG). When stored properly, in a cool (<40C), dry environment, VG will remain free from oxidation or degradation for one year. Most highly...
  19. P2PLeon

    PG Properties

    Propylene Glycol (PG): Propylene glycol (PG) is a mostly inert organic compound. It is clear, colourless and highly miscible with water. It is used in electronic cigarettes as a carrier base to carry the nicotine and food flavours into vapour form with the application of heat from the atomizer...
  20. P2PLeon

    The Forum Rules Trading On Site

    For those of you who would like to Trade your goods, it is key to note that the following rules are set in stone. This is for practicality and to notify the buyer if the goods are up to what the seller has stated. 1. The seller has the right to modify the main first post. 2. The seller must...